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The Trimble® Recon™ GPS system

GeoExplorer Series

GeoExplorer® series handhelds are the most advanced GPS/GIS data collection and mobile GIS tools available, combining a Trimble® GPS receiver with a handheld computer running Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PCs.

· Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs

· Submeter GPS receiver with EVEREST™ multipath rejection technology

· Rugged design: water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dustproof

· All day battery

· Advanced TFT outdoor color touch screen with backlight

· Integrated Bluetooth for wireless connectivity 

Industry Solutions:  Agriculture — Asset Management—Construction—Environmental & Forestry— Factory Automation—Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking—Mapping & GIS—Marine—Military—Mining—Mobile GIS—OEM Boards & Chipsets—Oil & Gas—Public Safety—Scalable GPS Infrastructure Solutions—Survey—3D Scanning—Timing & Synchronization—Urban & Municipal—Utilities

The GPS Pathfinder® Pro XRS

The GPS Pathfinder® Pro XRS receiver is an easy-to-use GIS data collection and data maintenance system that provides real-time submeter accuracy. The Pro XRS offers GPS, WAAS, EGNOS, satellite differential, and beacon capabilities. The integration and flexibility of these technologies means that you have less equipment, cables, and batteries to carry.

· incorporates a 12-channel, differential beacon, and satellite differential receiver in one housing

· WAAS/EGNOS differential ready

· uses patented EVEREST™ multipath rejection technology to remove multipath signals in reflective environments

· supports NMEA-0183 output and RTCM SC-104 input/output

The TerraSync™ software

The TerraSync™ software is a flexible data collection and data maintenance tool. Simple and effective, TerraSync makes field work more productive. Team up TerraSync with a field device of your choice and a supported Trimble® GPS receiver, and you have everything you need to collect high-quality, precise data for informed decision making

The Trimble® Recon™ GPS system is the best value GPS solution for field data collection and mobile GIS. With field-proven ruggedness and reliability, the Trimble Recon GPS system enables you to cost-effectively equip your entire mobile workforce.