One stop solution on survey and mapping services

PT. Adhimulia Interniagatama belongs to the Adhimulia Group, established in 1988 by several professionals.† The Adhimulia Group has gained technical experiences through its participation in various projects of which some of them were in association with foreign consultants.


Currently the Adhimulia Group has activities in the field of forestry, plantation, industry, mining, oil and gas, survey and mapping, and the mobile positioning and communication sector.


The Adhimulia Group now represents Trimble (GPS) and is reseller of ESRIís ArcInfo and ArcView, professional GIS applications. The Adhimulia Group offers a wide range of services, especially for Environmental Impact Analysis, Land Use Planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) by introducing an integrated solution of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), GIS and remote sensing technology for mapping, data interpretation and data capture, and survey applications.



About Us

As authorized dealer of Trimble GPS, PT. Adhimulia Interniagatama established the first Trimble Service Centre in Indonesia in April 2002 to support after sales service. This service centre is under supervision of Trimble certified professional technicians and they are able to proceed in a full service for your GPS equipment.


PT. Adhimulia Interniagatama employs trained, qualified staff experienced in Mapping and GIS solutions and applications as well in GPS, land survey and data capture.


We provide GPS training given by Trimble qualified and certificated staff. The rent of field equipment belongs to the possibilities. Private companies in gas, mining, oil, engineering, forestry and plantation as well Indonesian government institutions belong to the main customers of PT. Adhimulia Interniagatama.